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Pneumatische Drehvorrichtung
Pneumatische Drehvorrichtung

Electric barring devices by EDS

Application area:
compressor units with teethed flywheels


The electric barring device is working with another concept as the pneumatic or hydraulic barring devices.
A gearwheel is driven by a gear box, which directly engages in the gear of the flywheel.
This barring device is distinguished by the self-retention of the pinion to the flywheel as well as its very comfortable use.

The force required for the turning of the flywheel will be calculated as needed.


Electric barring device



drive motor 1,1 KW – 7,5 KW
gear ratio 1:80 bis 1:160
output torque * 550 Nm – 3700 Nm
modul m = 20

* Note: the torque at the flywheel is devided by the gear ratio.