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Strömungsoptimierte Rückschlagventile

The turbo check valve by EDS – A Must-have in compressor technique

Application area:
compressor units
CO2 recovery plants
biogas plants



20150212_Diagramm Druckverlust

Pressure drop diagram (double logarithmic plotting)

Unbeatably in the economy

Application and description

EDS Turbo check valves are used to fuse compressed air systems to prevent gas blowback. They have a short design and are installed between 2 standard flanges.
When pressure and speed are dropping, the low-mass synthetic sealing body automatically will close because of differential pressure and the weight force.
The pressure compensation holes in the valve affect back pressure on the annular back side of the sealing body, even if the valve is open.
The valve consists of 4 componets only and is maintenance-free.
They are the lowest-loss of their types trough streamlined, nozzle-shaped cross sections and have not less than 80% of the free pipe cross-section. The circular layer of the sealing body is self-cenering and gas tight even at higher temperatures, since geometrical errors and thermal expansion have no effects. The turbo check valves are also suitable for dust and condensate containing mediums because deposits are not possible in fact of the nozzle-shaped design.



  • Low pressure drop
  • Streamlined, nozzle shaped designed cross section
  • Not less than 80 % of the free tube cross section
  • Maintenance-free



Non return valve, standard version



Valve size from DN15 uo to DN100
from 1/2″ up to 4″
Pressure up to 320 bar / 2500 lbs
Materials 1.4057 – X 22CrNi 17 /
1.4571 – X6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2
Sealing body PEEK
Temperatur range up to 200° Celsius